the life of the world to come

empathy is the poor man's cocaine. and love is just a chemical by any other name.



My local water park is draining their pools but before they do they’re having a ‘Doggy Day’ where you can bring your dogs and have them splash around and play for awhile


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60s Japan!!
Sweet Pidora from Magma Taishi - Ambassador Magma!
Bugs are never bugs me, I have Dragonfly larvas for my pet :)

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Demons & Wizards

—Fiddler on the Green


"Fiddler on the Green"Demons & Wizards

Just hold my hand
I’ll take you there
Your pain will go away


South Park - Matthew McConaughey - Lincoln Commercial Fun

derrrrrrr I drove Lincoln b4 I got payed to drive lincon

sometimes you gotta go backwards to go forwards to go backwards to go forwards

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best feeling

best feeling